Crafting Uniqueness: The Significance of Our Certificate of Authenticity

Today's topic is our Certificate of Authenticity. It has a key role in our business. Before we started making jewelry, I, as a founder, thought about what message I wanted to share.

I thought about a few things:

  • When we purchase items, it's more than just exchanging money for goods.

  • The things we buy don't define who we are as individuals.

  • Workshops and machines often produce items in bulk without considering the impact on a person.

  • As customers, we feel a personal connection to our purchases. It's important for producers to consider this connection too.

Let's talk about our role and importance in society. Where do I fit in as an individual in today's consumer-driven world? How can I appreciate a product made in large quantities? How can I find joy in its beauty amidst all the excess?

These questions also came to mind. And finally, you can ask the same questions if you are on the other side of the customer-producer relationship. What is my true relationship with a customer at a big company? How do I spend the time that was given to me?

I wanted to make it different; I aimed to create a special kind of beauty every day. My goal was to craft each piece that passed through my hands in a unique way. I wanted to make something new. It would be one-of-a-kind and for a unique person who is an original.

For those reasons, we needed to prove our point. We did so with the Certificate of Authenticity. We needed to emphasize that what you have is original. We thought it up from scratch, from the material to the final polishing and from the design to the production.

We want you to feel good when you find a piece of jewelry that resonates with you. It's meant to show how special and valuable you are. Remember, today and always, YOU MATTER.

Certificate of Authenticity