From Raw to Refined: Crafting Our Unique Material - Part 3

In the previous two parts, we shared how we prepare the main raw material for the furnace and create the primary alloy. Today, we're excited to finish this journey by crafting a final piece of jewelry.

Each batch of our alloy is special and unique. We carefully adjust the composition each time, resulting in unpredictable yet captivating outcomes. Working with each batch is like sculpting an original masterpiece, striving to reveal its inherent beauty.

Although the process is challenging, it allows us to bring forth a new form of exclusive and fleeting beauty. This is what truly inspires us in our craft.

Our commitment to individuality means that each piece we create is exclusively yours. We never copy designs, and we believe in celebrating your uniqueness with bespoke jewelry.

We meticulously assess each batch to ensure it meets our high standards for quality. We use various jewelry techniques. They bring our visions to life. We tailor them to fit the piece's appearance and essence.

Once the final shape emerges, we explore ways to enhance its allure. We aim to infuse each piece with character and charm, using special techniques such as filing, polishing, or hammering.

If all goes well, you'll find the finished piece in our online store.

Watch our video for a peek into making jewelry. It features a pendant adorned with perfect circles.