Revolutionizing Jewelry with Anti-Tarnish Technology: Our Journey at You Matter Jewelry

The Tarnishing Challenge: Addressing Customer Concerns

At You Matter Jewelry, we've been grappling with a common issue—tarnishing in bronze, copper, and silver. This concerns some of our customers, particularly those who prefer gold jewelry.

Understanding Allergies: The Impact of Copper Alloys

Moreover, we've discovered that copper alloys can pose an allergy for individuals with sensitivities, further underscoring the need for a solution. It was the starting situation that we wanted to solve for our future jewelry.

Exploring Alternatives: The Promise of Cobalt

When we look at the periodic table, we see that there are not so many usable elements—metals—that could be useful for our purpose, but one of them is outstanding. It is cobalt.

The Advantages of Cobalt: Stability and Hypoallergenicity

Among the limited number of usable elements on the periodic table, cobalt stands out for our purpose. This element is not only less allergic than copper but also highly stable in various conditions and does not tarnish. Its unique properties make it the perfect choice for creating a thin layer to prevent tarnishing in your jewelry.

Electro-Plating: Our Innovative Solution to Tarnishing

We work with copper, bronze, and silver. We like what these metals and their alloys can bring to jewelry, but tarnishing the place in connection with the skin could be a problem for some customers. After several iterations, we have found a feasible solution: electro-plating.

Implementing the Solution: Enhancing Your Jewelry Experience

We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented this solution for all our jewelry. With this, there is no need to hesitate when buying bronze, copper, or silver from us.