About YMJ Polishing Cloth

We wanted to create the best copper-silver jewelry, but finding the right polishing cloth was a challenge. We tried many options in the market, but they were expensive for regular use. So, we used regular cloths and different solutions in our workshop, but they didn't work well for our jewelry. This led us to create a special polishing cloth just for us.

We chose a gentle micro-fiber used for delicate lenses as the base. It was important that the cloth be kind to our jewelry. We then added a special blend made specifically for copper and silver. This blend made our jewelry shine beautifully for our photos.

After trying different samples that left odors or stains, we finally found the perfect mix. It effortlessly removed tarnish from our jewelry. We also added a liquid commonly used for polishing jewelry to add a shiny finish with a nice smell. We mixed these solutions with water and soaked the cloths before letting them air dry to keep them effective.

The results were amazing. The cloth worked well in our workshop and kept our jewelry clean during photo shoots. It became our favorite cleaning tool. We also decided to offer it as a unique gift to our customers.

Remember, washing the cloth reduces its effectiveness over time, but its darkening from use shows it's still working. We're thrilled to share this special tool with you. It's not just any cloth; it's made to keep your "You Matter Jewelry" beautiful for years to come.