Crafting Uniqueness: The Golden Ratio of Silver and Copper in Jewelry

We enjoy working with a variety of materials, especially when creating jewelry. Our goal is to craft entirely new pieces that are beautiful and unique. Each piece is meant to be special and one-of-a-kind, just like the person who will own it.

Studying Japanese metallurgy and craftsmanship inspired us to be innovative. We admired the intricate beauty of medieval jewelry of our region, but we aimed to create something new. Our focus was on constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and technical skill.

We experimented with different metals: nickel, zinc, tin, and bismuth. We discovered their extraordinary properties and unique looks. However, due to their difficulty, we encountered challenges using them for jewelry making. Studying metal chemistry and phase diagrams, we found the right combinations. These combinations led to a flexible yet strong metal with the desired looks.

After a year of exploring in our workshop, we found the 'golden ratio.' It combines silver and copper. We carefully control temperature and timing to make our jewelry metal beautiful.

In the final step, we sought to set our jewelry apart by creating a unique solution that showcases our alloy's distinctiveness. By deeply understanding chemistry, we developed a treatment that highlights the interaction of silver and copper in a visually captivating way.
Our alloys are more than just materials; they embody our brand and innovative spirit. They show strength and uniqueness, our commitment to unpredictability, and our embrace of nature's role in our process.

Each piece from our workshop is a testament to individuality. It sparks imagination and inspires awe. We believe in celebrating uniqueness, which is evident from the unique number and certificate we give each piece. These create a stronger bond between our customers and their jewelry.
It offers customers exclusive pieces that resonate with their uniqueness. We take joy in providing not just jewelry but a piece of art that is as special and irreplaceable as the wearer.