Fusion of Copper and Silver: Crafting Our Unique Material - Part 2

In this article, we will explore the key elements needed to create our special copper-silver blend, which we call "Red Marble" due to its marble-like appearance when uniquely shaped copper chips are used.
Working with our material is different from standard processes for gold or silver. We must not simply melt them in a furnace. We must mix the components carefully and keep the blend together during the partial melting.
At first, we tried porcelain and terracotta pots. Then, we settled on pottery clay for our vessels. We learned that layering the copper-silver mixture helps avoid air pockets, which was a challenge we encountered early on. We are still learning and improving our methods, but we are committed to finding the best approach.
As the pots are usually used only once and destroyed after melting, we care only a little about their quality. However, it is essential to keep the mixture in good shape throughout the melting process.
The most critical part of our journey was finding the best copper-silver ratio. This took a year and involved many trials and adjustments. Beginning with a physical-chemical diagram below, we eventually achieved success. Some of our unique jewelry crafted from this blend is already available in our e-shop.

We can play with the shapes, sizes, and ratios of copper and silver, creating many chances to make each piece unique. This variability is the most important thing for us - to make original things for original people.
Please watch the video below for a detailed visual of the entire process. Our upcoming article will explore how we work with the copper-silver alloy.