The Materials Behind Our Jewelry: Choices and Inspirations

Introduction: Our Unique Approach to Jewelry

My friend asked me what materials we use for jewelry. As you can see from our categories, we make jewelry in a different way than traditional makers. We aim to create pieces that are not just unique. They are also deeply personal, symbolizing what matters most to the wearer in this life.

The Freedom of Material Choice

Secondly, we wanted to be free to use our material. Special bureaus watch work and business in precious metals. They have many rules of good practice. This historic practice is good; it protects the customer from fraud. Every country has its legislation concerning jewelry-making and working with precious metals.

Regulations in Jewelry Making

But, these laws regulate many things. They cover storage and equipment rules. They also set the correct ratios of copper to gold and copper to silver. They also require certain actions if your piece is too heavy. You must sign your jewelry if you want to sell it in your shop, etc.

The Importance of Carats and Legal Protections

We all know about so-called carats, which have been used for ages and which are not part of the legislation. The reason is apparent. Gems and precious metals are the most expensive things you can buy. It is also easy to commit fraud with them. So, the business needs strict protection.

Innovation Beyond Tradition

Everything is logical until you want to invent something new. You want to play with your creativity and bring a new look to metal mixes. You want to be outside the hundred-year-old rules. That is why we stepped aside and started to work in an area where we could be free. We chose copper, bronze, and silver to some extent and legal limitations. This area brings much joy in creation. It offers chances to find new ways of work. You can take more risks here. You can't take risks if you work with diamonds and gold :-).

The Historical Significance of Our Materials

Bronze and copper, used with silver, remind us of a long period in ancient jewelry making. They also remind us of the rich tapestry of human history. That is why we've chosen to use a thousand-year-old recipe for our bronze. It is a testament to our respect for tradition and our desire to connect with the past in our craft.

Sourcing Our Materials

Up to now, our source of copper is a supplier from, providing jewelers with copper.

Silver in Our Creations

We also use silver coins or bullion but do not declare any silver content in our jewelry to avoid legal issues. Also, we do many different mixtures, which is exactly what we want. We use silver as a good contrast metal for copper or bronze. You can see it in our category: Original Copper-Silver Alloy.

Future Material Innovations

We plan to start with another material in the future. In our mind, there are ideas for new wood combos, Czech gems, enamels, and epoxides. But, we are just starting. We want to master metals first, jewelry techniques, and other workshop processes. Then, we will move to another material.

Our Commitment to Originality and Customer Uniqueness

We want to bring originality to every piece and celebrate our customers' uniqueness. To do this, we need to be free and creative. This is key to our company's core value and long-term success.