Bronze Bell-tree Pendant: Unique Artisan Jewelry #073

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Crafted from traditional bronze, this pendant features a bell-tree shape with a mix of shiny and textured surfaces. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Recommended pairing with a 2mm leather cord available in our accessories. More

Product code: #073

The pendant was crafted from bronze using a traditional ancient bronze blend (88/12). It was shaped on a lathe and finished with intricate jewelry techniques. We carefully shaped a special clay form into a bell for this pendant. While working with the raw bronze, we transformed this "bell-tree" shape. We made it more captivating by blending shiny top and bottom parts with rough tree bark textures.

You will receive the Certificate of Authenticity for this pendant, ensuring its uniqueness.

For this pendant, we suggest pairing it with a 2mm thick leather cord, which can be found in our accessories section. We are confident you will find the perfect match for this pendant that suits your style.