Bronze Signet ring: One-of-a-kind artisan jewelry #071

$ 85,99
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This special ring, made for my friend with his son's initials "TF," features a medieval spiritual style and a shiny gold-like bronze finish, laser engraved. If you're interested in something similar, please contact us. More

Product code: #071

This special ring was made for my friend. If you're interested, it might be currently unavailable. My friend wished for a ring with his baby boy's initials, "TF." After considering various designs, we settled on a medieval spiritual style to match the baby's old Christian name.

Next, I needed to pick the perfect finish. The ideal choice turned out to be a shiny gold appearance for the ring.

If you'd like something similar, feel free to reach out to us through social media or email so we can chat about your preferences.

Just to clarify, the ring was crafted from bronze. We opted for a traditional ancient bronze blend (88/12) and shaped it on a lathe. The engraving was done with a laser, followed by intricate jewelry techniques to complete the ring.