Copper-Silver Medieval Elegance Pendant: Unique Artisan jewelry #091

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Inspired by medieval jewelry from our region, we created this beautiful piece using copper, silver, Czech glass, and unique techniques. The pendant features a 'red marble' pattern on the front from our copper-silver alloy, showcasing our craftsmanship. The back is cobalt grey from electro-plating, making it hypoallergenic. Our wild logo contrasts with the cobalt and copper. The red cabochon glass is of Czech origin, renowned worldwide. More

Product code: #091

Inspired by the medieval jewelry of our region, we have tried to create something similar. Our effort resulted in this beautiful piece. We used copper, silver, famous Czech glass, and a few unique techniques:

  • Our journey begins with the selection of our original copper-silver alloy. This choice gives our pendant its 'red marble' pattern on the front. It shows our careful craftsmanship.

  • We used electro-plating with cobalt on the back side. This made the jewelry hypoallergic and cobalt grey.

  • On the back side, we used our logo in a bit wild to make a particular contrast between cobalt and copper.

The glass we chose is of Czech origin, produced in our region, and famous worldwide. This particular one is a red cabochon with silver.

Weight: 18 grams

Size: 4.8 cm x 3.7 cm