Unique Photorealistic Moon Pendant: One-of-a-kind artisan jewelry #054

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Discover our photorealistic Moon pendant #054, featuring intricate laser engravings on bronze with a unique "You matter" inscription and a Certificate of Authenticity. More

Product code: #054

Unique Photorealistic Moon ring: One-of-a-kind artisan jewelry #054

This pendant was inspired by a unique idea: to capture the beauty of the Moon in a photorealistic pendant. During the creation process, we encountered some challenges as bronze doesn't naturally reflect images. To overcome this, we utilized laser engraving to showcase the Moon's intricate details, resulting in dark, crater-like engravings and shiny bronze reflections.

This pendant was carefully crafted for someone who holds a special connection to the Moon. It has a weight of 17 grams, giving it a substantial feel when held.

On the back of the pendant, you'll find an important message: "You matter" along with our cheerful smiley logo.

The pendant is compatible with chains and cords up to 3 mm in diameter.

As a mark of authenticity, this unique piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Size 2,5 cm
Weight 17 g