About us

Our company was founded in March 2024 and brings a fresh perspective to the world of jewelry. Located in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, our setting has a rich history of glassmaking and Czech beads, which inspire our creations. To learn more about our region's history, check out the article "About our region."

As the founder, I took time to reflect on the value of time before starting this venture. I realized my passion lies in creating beauty that reflects each person's authenticity and uniqueness. Our goal is to craft special, one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the wearer's individuality. Each design is exclusive and comes with a unique "Certificate of Authenticity."

My interest in craftsmanship began in childhood, leading me to the world of jewelry a few years ago. Instead of following traditional jewelry norms, I focused on using innovative materials like our unique blend of silver and copper. This combination creates captivating patterns that tell a story and embrace the uniqueness of each person.

Our journey goes beyond business; it's about sharing extraordinary beauty with those who appreciate meaningful jewelry. Each piece we create is a symbol of your individuality and a reflection of your distinct personality. Join us on this unique journey to find a piece that resonates with your soul and celebrates your unique existence with our exceptional creations.