Baybayin Bronze Love Bracelets: Unique Artisan Jewelry #081

199 €
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These unique bracelets are crafted from ancient bronze and copper-colored leather cords. Featuring the couple's names in traditional Baybayin script on the front and an engraved silhouette on the back, they celebrate Filipino cultural heritage. Electroplated with hypoallergenic cobalt, the bracelets have a greyish tint and a concave back for a comfortable fit. Adjustable with four closure options, they weigh 11 and 14 grams and measure 14 and 16 cm. More

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These two pieces of jewelry are very dear to us. We created them for our Philippines friends - a married couple. They are produced from classic ancient bronze and leather cords of a copper color. The special features are:

  • The jewelry features a distinctive design, with a flat front face that showcases the couple's names in the traditional Baybayin "alphabet" used on the Philippines islands in ancient times. This unique design is a testament to the region's rich cultural history.
  • On the back side is an engraved silhouette of the married couple.
  • As it is whole in bronze, a naturally tarnishing material, especially in contact with skin, we used our new technology: electroplating with hypoallergenic and very stable cobalt, making the side a bit greyish.
  • The back side is concave to align with the shape of the forehand.
  • The bracelet has four holes to allow several ways to close the pendant

Weight: 11&14 grams

Size: 14&16 cm