Eternal Harmony Yin and Yang 18th Birthday Pendant #103

139 €
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Celebrate an 18th birthday with this exquisite 28 mm pendant featuring a laser-engraved Yin and Yang symbol filled with silver, creating a stunning contrast with the copper base. The gently patinated front enhances the design, while the hypoallergenic grey cobalt-coated back prevents tarnishing and copper allergies. Personalized with a Gemini sign, the girl's age, and initials, this 15-gram pendant is a perfect keepsake. Contact us for more details. More

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This pendant is a special gift for a girl celebrating her 18th birthday. We know she loves the Yin and yang symbol, so we incorporated it into this pendant.

If you're interested in this piece, please reach out to us. We are always working on creating even more beautiful jewelry as we aim for constant improvement.

Here are some wonderful features of this pendant:

  • The Yin and yang symbol is intricately engraved with lasers and filled with silver, creating a striking contrast between the silver and copper, enhancing the value of the pendant.

  • The front side has been gently patinated to heighten the contrast, and with time, the patination and contrast will become more pronounced.

  • The back is coated with a hypoallergenic grey cobalt layer, making it more appealing, preventing tarnishing, and reducing the risk of copper allergy.

  • To add an extra touch, we used two energy beams and included a Gemini sign, the girl's age, and her initials in our logos for a personalized touch.

Weight: 15 grams

Size: 28 mm in diameter