Fractal in Bronze No. 1: one-of-a-kind artisan pendant #060

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Explore our debut fractal-inspired pendant, featuring a unique mirror-reflective design with our engraved logo. Crafted from solid bronze, this 15-gram piece combines beauty with mathematical elegance. More

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Since the beginning of our jewelry journey, we've been inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of fractals. These intricate patterns, found in nature, captivate us with their charm and mathematical elegance.
We needed to find a good combination of feasibility, beauty, practicality, and visibility for jewelry. 
Here, you can see our first pendant. It is a special piece in which we used our full logo for the first time. The pendant is "mirror-reflective," and only our logo and the pendant are engraved there.
We hope you like it and you can look forward to adding more fractals to your range of products.
This pendant is a big piece of bronze. It weighs about 15 grams, so you will feel it.

Size 2,4 cm
Weight 14 g