Silver and Copper Floral Earrings: One-of-a-kind Artisan Jewelry #110

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Silver earrings with a copper center and stem, delicately soldered silver leaves. High-quality sterling silver (S925) earring back, securely attached to the stem. The earrings are coated with an acrylic lacquer to prevent tarnishing. More

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These earrings are the first of many beautiful creations we will make in the future. Crafting them from silver and copper flowers is not only enjoyable but also opens up a world of shapes, patterns, and different plant species we can explore.

This pair features exquisite flowers crafted from pure silver with a copper center and stem. The leaves are delicately soldered with silver, creating a unique and captivating combination.

The stem is securely attached to an earring back, both made of high-quality sterling silver (S925).

These earrings are delicate and require gentle cleaning. To protect their beauty, we have coated them with a safe acrylic lacquer that prevents tarnishing and preserves their shine for a long time.

Weight: 7 grams

Size: 3 cm